2020 Election Pre-Game Analysis

Disclaimer: Fair warning is given that as a human being, I quite literally detest Donald Trump.
 Does this article reflect my feelings?
Does Numerology care about my feelings?
So, in conclusion, the sarcasm in this article is not a reflection of Numerology however, the Numerology is correct. I threw in a little Chinese Astrology for good measure.
 You may now continue to read the article.

2021 is a 5 Universal Year and the 5 represents change. Could the 5 represent a change in Presidency?
It does suggest as much but, you have to look deeper into the Numerology Charts of the people involved.

Let us start with Team Biden
Joe Biden is in an 8 Personal Year in 2020 which is usually a year where you have the most potential for success. That would be a good thing if you are running for President.  On the other hand, when examining his Chinese Astrology, Joe Biden is a Horse. 2020 is a Rat Year and a Rat Year is not kind to people born in Horse Years.  Still, I sincerely doubt that it would be a piece of cake to go through the pressure of an election year so, that could be the extent of the Rat’s influence.

January 2021 is a 1 Personal Month for Joe so there is an indication of a new beginning at a time he would be sworn into office.
 Jill Biden’s chart is quite interesting.  Jill has major changes in her chart in 2021 which would suggest a change in residence. She is in a 5 Personal Year which is a strong indication of a change in residence as well as a job. First Lady Jill Biden has a nice ring to it.
 She has a 1 Essence and an S Transit which both point to new beginnings. Could it be that she would be moving to the White House? Lord knows there are 32 million Democrats who would volunteer to help her with her packing.

November is a 1 Personal Month for Joe Biden which is positive for career and suggests a new beginning. I am visualizing his new job as we speak. November 3rd is a 4 Personal Day for him and a Dragon Day in Chinese Astrology. Dragons have no problems with Horses thank goodness.

We have to wait for Joe Biden to choose his Vice President until we can get more insight. Hurry up Joe!~

Now for Team Trump
Donald Trump is a 6 Personal Year which is not an energy he is comfortable with because he has so little of it but, a 6 tends to be fortunate for career. It does appear 2021 will be a major challenge for him with health as well as a potential change in residence.  Trump goes into a 7 Personal Year in 2021 which lowers his vitality and he also has transits that are difficult for health.  7 Years tend to slow down the pace and give people a respite from their normal work schedule. People often find themselves without a job or laid off in a 7 Personal Year. Dare I say, “You’re fired.” (a girl can dream)

The change in residence seems to come after his Birthday in June but it may take awhile to manifest.
Let me tell you that Donald Trump is in an 8 Pinnacle and the 8 has certain rules that must be followed. It is extremely important to be ethical with all your business dealings and work hard while in an 8 Pinnacle. You also have to avoid placing too much emphasis on money. You should avoid unscrupulous people and always do the right thing.

I know, you are probably thinking about the daily stream of unethical behavior Trump has done since his election day and thinking his behavior is completely opposite of the demands of the 8.  I mean seriously, how many times can you break the “Thou shall not lie” Commandment before God smites you? Suffice it to say, he has broken all of God’s Commandments multiple times. This is where I promise you that the 8 is the Queen of Karma and Trump will get his someday.

November is an 8 Personal Month for Trump which is technically a positive thing for him in regard to the election. November 3rd is an 11 Personal Day for him and that could be incredibly good or awfully bad. In Chinese Astrology, November 3rd is a Dragon Day and Dragons dislike Trump as much as I do so, I am rooting for the Dragon.

Melania Trump has some major new changes coming after her Birthday in April 2021. January 2021 is a 9 Personal Month for her, so we know there is an ending for her then. Please Dear God above, let that be her exit from the White House.  Again, I know of 32 million Democrats who would help her with her packing. On another note, I would not be surprised in the least if Melania is planning her upcoming divorce and we will eventually see that unfolding.

This is where the Numerology around people in Trump’s orbit gets quite interesting.

Ivanka Trump has an extremely difficult chart for next year where it appears, she will have a significant ending in her life. Could it be the end of her job at the White House?  Jared Kushner also seems to have a significant ending in his life as well. Jarod goes into a 7 Personal Year in 2021 which suggests a slowed down pace and we can only hope his and Ivanka’s services are no longer required in the White House.

Mike Pence goes into a 9 Personal Year in 2021 and a 9 brings closure to something significant.
His wife Karen has a change coming that will be very emotional for her, something not welcomed. She also goes into a 7 Personal Year which slows down the pace of her life.

 I will update this article as soon as Joe Biden selects his running mate. I realize I did not declare a winner at this point, but I do think it is safe to say that I see miserable times ahead for Trump and his minions.
Let’s just hope he is miserable anywhere but in the White House.


  1. THANK YOU for this timely article. I have felt such profound grief these past 6 months I have been in a dark and scary place. You are the light at the end of the tunnel my dear. Thank you for the hope. Perhaps 2021 might be worth sticking around for ....


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