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The Power of the Letters in Your Name

When you write out your name you probably do not think about the letters but truth is, they are speaking volumes about you. It is fun to discover the hidden secrets of your name and it is easy enough to do.  Write the name on your Birth Certificate out and using the graph, find out what numbers correspond to the letters in your name. Now you are able to see just how many of each number you have in your name and can read how that influences you below.  The Ones  Letters: A, J, S  Average Amount in a Name: 3  Everyone usually has 3 of the letters that equal the number 1 in their name. As a matter of fact, having 3 your name is necessary for you to have a healthy ego. Having 1s help you to stand up for yourself , be independent and to have confidence in your abilities. If you do not have enough 1s in your name, you are more likely to let people walk all over you or remain dependent upon others.   People with less than 3 struggle with their personal power and on th

What is Your Mom Like Based Upon Her Numerology?

Time for a little Mother's Day fun. Let's look at the Numerology of your Mother and see how that influenced her approach to Motherhood. We are going to look at her Lifepath Number and if you do not know what her Lifepath Number is, please feel free to visit and use the Lifepath Calculator on the website. 1 Lifepath Mother A Mom born as a 1 Lifepath will fiercely protect her children so if you get beat up by the neighborhood bully, chances are your Mom is going to kick some ass. Make no mistake, your Mom is a Boss. She has a strong will and you will find going against her wishes is not a pleasant experience. She will encourage you to be strong and independent because those are her strongest talents. Your Mom is a "tough cookie" as they say, but she loves you like a Mother lion loves her cubs. 2 Lifepath Mom A Mom born as a 2 Lifepath has very feminine qualities and a strong sense of refinement. She is gentle and loving. She also is not on