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Numerology: When Does the Personal Year Begin?

No doubt this question is one of the most debated concepts in Numerology. Most Numerologists study the works of respected Numerologists in order to learn Numerology and soon discover this conflict of information about when the Personal Year begins. Some would say the Personal year begins on January 1 st and others say it begins on your Birthday. Ultimately, a good Numerologist listens to their clients for validation. When it comes to debate, there are books and evidence supporting both sides. If you consider Chinese Astrology, the Personal Year begins on a fixed date which is the Chinese New Year. This fact in itself adds to the validity that the Personal Year begins on New Years Day.  I personally think that there are very important aspects of Numerology that play into the misinformation. Essence and Transit Numbers are found in your Numerology Chart and they are derived from your name at birth.  From the moment of your birth, you are working through the letters of your name yea

The Case of Bill Cosby

William Henry Cosby  July 12, 1937  3 Lifepath 12 Birthday  6 Expression 8 Hearts Desire 7 Personality 9 Maturity Essence at age 77 is 17/8 Personal Year in 2014 is an 8  Bill Cosby joins a long list of famous comedians who share the number 3 in their Numerology chart. Joan Rivers and Ricky Gervais are 3 Lifepaths. Robin Williams was born on July 21st (2+1=3), George Carlin was born on May 12th (1+2=3) Rosie O'Donnell was born March 21st (2+1=3), Rosanne Barr was born November 3rd, Ray Romano was born December 21st (2+1=3)  and Eddie Murphy was born April 3rd.  It is no wonder 3s become comedians when you look at their talents and abilities. 3s have a gift with self-expression and are funny, entertaining, artistically creative and easy going. They are enjoyable people to be around because they make us lauh. They  gare great story tellers and are known for their facial expressions which accompany whatever story they are telling. Bill Cosby is a maste