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2021 Predictions

      2021 Predictions Let me start by saying that I wish I could erase 2020 entirely. We have all been through the wringer. I extend a virtual hug to you all. I think the one positive takeaway from 2020 is that we have a newfound appreciation and gratitude for what is profoundly important in life. 2020 was a 4 Universal Year and as you recall, I told you “Sometimes the 4 year creates limitations in our lives where our freedom is restricted in some way. Perhaps this has to do with travel, curfews or even Marshall law.”   As we all know now, that statement rang true. I also said “The 4 is associated with health so expect emphasis on that subject this year. It could be a sign of a worse than normal flu season. ”   Although that was the understatement of the year, it rang true as well. The Universal 4 Year tends to teach us what we do not want, and the 5 Universal Year gives us opportunities to make necessary adjustments. 2021 is a 5 Universal Year and change is on the age