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2020 Election Pre-Game Analysis

Disclaimer: Fair warning is given that as a human being, I quite literally detest Donald Trump.   Does this article reflect my feelings?   YES. Does Numerology care about my feelings? NO. So, in conclusion, the sarcasm in this article is not a reflection of Numerology however, the Numerology is correct. I threw in a little Chinese Astrology for good measure.  You may now continue to read the article. 2021 is a 5 Universal Year and the 5 represents change. Could the 5 represent a change in Presidency? It does suggest as much but, you have to look deeper into the Numerology Charts of the people involved. Let us start with Team Biden Joe Biden is in an 8 Personal Year in 2020 which is usually a year where you have the most potential for success. That would be a good thing if you are running for President.   On the other hand, when examining his Chinese Astrology, Joe Biden is a Horse. 2020 is a Rat Year and a Rat Year is not kind to people born in Horse Years.