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Babies By The Numbers

"I came to parenting the way most of us do, knowing nothing and trying to learn everything." --Mayim Bialik Wouldn't it be great if your child came with instructions? Most parents are "winging it" and raising their children by trial and error but, if you are willing to take a little parental advice from their Numerology, you would know all about their little personalities and what makes them tick in advance. From there, you can take steps to help your child develop their talents and abilities. Here is a little taste of what you can learn from your child's Numerology. ONE  If your child is a 1, you had better get used to a few temper tantrums. This child likes to get his/her own way. 1s have a need to be independent so as a parent it is best to accept that your child will want to do things for themselves. Your child may not take direction well. It is important to be careful of being critical of your 1 child. Do your best to build their se