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The 7 Cause and Effect on Your Health and Career

The 7 Cause and Effect on Your Health and Career “On the 7 th Day God Rested” Have you been laid off from work at some point in your life?  Did you ever face an illness, injury or have a disability that interfered with your ability to work? Did you take time off to either go to school or stay home and raise your children? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, chances are a 7 was influencing you in your Numerology Chart at that particular time in your life. Some people are born with the 7 Energy as part of their numeric make-up.  They are 7 Lifepaths or could be born on a 7 Day. Their name at birth can also indicate the number 7 is present.  In these cases, the influence of the 7 is a lifetime. Just because you do not have the 7 energy in your energetic make-up does not mean you can avoid it. We all have a 7 Personal Years many times in our lives. The 7 can also show up in some people’s Pinnacle or Essence Numbers which has the same effect. The influence

Rachel Maddow : “ A Highly Intelligent Woman with a Built-in Bullshit Detector”

Her Numerology: 7 Lifepath Rachel’s impressive education is testimony to any 7 Lifepath .  7s are very intelligent people who excel at learning and most often specialize in a particular field of study to the point of becoming an expert at it. They have a logical, rational and methodical mind that has the ability to process information and come up with insightful as well as accurate conclusions. The 7 has the uncanny ability to discern the truth and instinctively sense deception when it is presented. 7s do not take things on face value but rather will look beneath the surface to evaluate whether something is true or not. This is the area where their exceptional ability to research and analyze information serves them well. This is why Rachel is so brilliant at her job. It is also important to take note that Rachel is very intuitive and paying attention to her hunches goes a long way in explaining her success.  Rachel’s style of reporting is a reflection of her 7 energy. S

The Number 11: Friend or Foe

Numerologist's Log:  March is my 11 Personal Month. The 11 can either be your friend or give you a proverbial ass kicking.  It is known for sudden and unexpected events, some of which can be positive and others, not so much. Let's start with the positive. The 11 is known for its strong connection to the spiritual realm and ability to give you signs and messages from above. I experienced this phenomenon earlier this month when I had a vivid dream. In the dream I was having a full blown conversation with my cousin Kathy who passed away several years back. She was telling me all about Heaven and how she was doing. I honestly thought is was the best "visitation" dream I have ever experienced. Enter the "not so much" part: A few days later, I was opening a can of dog food and it literally exploded all over me and my kitchen. This is not the kind of scenario you would wish upon a germaphobe like myself. There is not enough anti-anxiety meds or clorox ble