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28 The Number of Wealth?

Does having a 28 in your Numerology Chart help you to be successful? The answer to that is yes. This number represents leadership, drive, ambition and entrepreneurial skills. At the same time, a person with this number understands the needs of the people they are leading and works well with others. That is the best kind of leadership. Would I say that the number 28 is the “Number of Wealth”? The answer to that is no.  No one number can ensure success. Wealth is attained by having the right talents and abilities and the opportunities to use them written into the Numerology Chart. No solitary number can encompass the complexity of achieving great success.  It goes without question that there are some successful people who have the number 28 written prominently in their Numerology Chart but it is not the magic formula for wealth. To make my point, Below is a list of Billionaires and Millionaires that do not have a single 28 in their Numerology Chart: Net Worth:   $2

Numerology Case Files: Martha Stewart

Numerology Case Files: Martha Stewart Birth name: Martha Helen Kostyra Born 8/3/1941 Life Path is 17/8                                                                                                              Birthday is 3                                                                                                                   Expression is 16/7                                                                                                          Heart's Desire is 8                                                                                                          Personality is 17/8  Maturity is 15/6             Bio Source Wikipedia Martha Stewart is an American businesswoman, writer, and television personality. As founder of   Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, she has gained success through a variety of business ventures, encompassing publishing, broadcasting, merchandising, and   electronic commerce. She has written numerous bestsellin