A Lawless President and His 4 Challenge

I was asked to be a guest on David Schrader's popular radio show Darkness Radio several years back. Dave had a specific plan for the show and said he wanted to give me the Date of Birth for 14 people and then discuss what I could discern using Numerology on the show.  I did not know why he wanted to do this but I was confident Numerology would not let me down. I do not think either of us had any idea of what we would discover.

I analyzed the dates of birth and discovered that a majority of them had something in common which was a 4 Challenge. I mentioned this to Dave. Dave asked me, live on-air, to name the dates of birth which had something in common which I did. As it turns out, all of those Dates of Birth belonged to famous serial killers.
The other Dates of Birth that Dave gave me were his and his staff members.

In Numerology, we all have Challenge Numbers which can be calculated using the Date of Birth.
A Challenge Number represents an area that obviously is a challenge and something we have to work on in our lifetime.
Normal 4 energy is responsible, hard-working, honest, trustworthy and law-abiding. If you have challenges to the 4, you have the potential to be absent of a moral conscience and a total disregard for the law.

So what does this have to do with President Trump? He has a 4 Challenge and not surprisingly, he has surrounded himself in his Administration with people who have the same Challenge.

I think Trump has clearly demonstrated his 4 Challenge for the world to see .


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