What is Your Mom Like Based Upon Her Numerology?

Time for a little Mother's Day fun. Let's look at the Numerology of your Mother and see how that influenced her approach to Motherhood. We are going to look at her Lifepath Number and if you do not know what her Lifepath Number is, please feel free to visit www.GetHisNumber.com and use the Lifepath Calculator on the website.

1 Lifepath Mother
A Mom born as a 1 Lifepath will fiercely protect her children so if you get beat up by the neighborhood bully, chances are your Mom is going to kick some ass. Make no mistake, your Mom is a Boss. She has a strong will and you will find going against her wishes is not a pleasant experience. She will encourage you to be strong and independent because those are her strongest talents. Your Mom is a "tough cookie" as they say, but she loves you like a Mother lion loves her cubs.

2 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 2 Lifepath has very feminine qualities and a strong sense of refinement. She is gentle and loving. She also is not one for arguing or fighting. She would rather "not mention it at all" than fight about it. You may find she is upset about something and have to figure it out what it is on your own.  She can be very sentimental and chances are she still has your 1st report card and a lock of your hair from your 1st haircut. She is a good listener, very supportive and loves you more than you know.

3 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 3 Lifepath is a kid at heart and her laughter can fill a room with joy. It is nice to know you already had a built in playmate as a child but maybe you expected your Mom to grow up. I have news for you, that is never going to happen. She can be quite talkative and could be perceived as being a bit of a scatterhead. At least she is going to understand better than anyone why you forgot to do your homework. She has a wicked sense of humor and sarcasm is her superpower so be prepared to be kidded a lot by her.  Colorful, stylish and sparkly clothing are her thing and chances are, she is hard to miss in a crowd.

4 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 4 Lifepath is pretty conservative and you are probably going to have to understand that it is best to abide by her rules. In her world, it is either right or wrong and nothing in between. Whatever you do, do not lie to your Mom because that will set her off. She is honest and hard-working and expects you to be too. She likes to organize things so you probably did not get away with a messy room as a child.  She is and always will be "your rock" and you can count on her being there for you.

5 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 5 Lifepath is very free-spirited, lively and energetic. She is not overly interested in dictating how your life should go and chances are, will give you a free reign in deciding your direction. I don't quite know how to say this but your Mom is kind of sexy which may or may not have made you uncomfortable growing up. You may have moved several times in your life and had to adjust to a different school or home but your Mom is a bit of a Bohemian so change is a constant in her life and you are just along for the ride. She brings an exciting element to Motherhood in the sense she will encourage you to try new things and be fearless when it comes to exploring your world.

6 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 6 Lifepath came with an extra dose of Mom energy and her world will revolve around her home and her children. She has a nurturing spirit and a kindness about her that makes everyone love her and she will stress to you the importance of being nice to everyone. She is always thinking about other people's happiness and doing for others.  She is the "Martha Stewart" on the block and your home will always be decorated for the Holidays and there will always be large family gatherings. Truth is, your Mom lives for her family and you are the fortunate recipient of her love.

7 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 7 Lifepath is a bit of a "know it all " but I would not be exaggerating if I said she probably does know it all. Your Mom may not be the huggy kissy type but she loves you immensely. She may just have a hard time communicating her feelings to you. Your Mom is a very wise person and you would do yourself a favor by asking for her opinion. She is not comfortable with overly emotional behavior and tends to approach problems from a more intellectual perspective. That can be frustrating, especially if you were born a more emotional type. When it comes to a 7 Mother, love runs deep and she will raise you in a unique way that encourages you to make the most out of your talents and abilities. She will also bring a strong spiritual perspective to your life if you allow it.

8 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as an 8 Lifepath will always have high expectations of you. She is going to set the bar high and you are going to be expected to reach it. She may place a great deal of emphasis on accomplishments and and teach you about the importance of setting goals. For her, appearance is everything so it is safe to say she is always impeccably groomed. That trait also applies to her children so you also benefit by having a nice wardrobe. The subject of money will come up often in your house because it represents success which is so important to her. She can be a bit controlling but once you understand that she just wants what is best for you, it is easy to understand.

9 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 9 Lifepath is a mixture of all of the above and you can probably see a little bit of everything in her. She may be a world traveler or at least dream of being one. She also has a great deal of compassion for those less fortunate in this world. You may have witnessed her doing kind things for others on many an occasion. 9s are very charismatic people but they can also get quite emotional under the right circumstances. She loves you unconditionally which is nice to know and will  always forgive you if you mess up.


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