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Lessons From the Creek

We all are facing isolation during this world crisis. How we cope with it is another matter.
I have been painfully aware of the Corona Virus since late December and have been watching its progress as it, slowly but surely, upended our world as we know it. Eventually, I just broke down in the sadness of it all and had a hard time regaining my footing. That is when I started to go to the creek.

There is something about the sound of water, as it trickles across the rocks that make up the creek bed, that is comforting.  The rays of sunshine that touch my skin and the brush of a gentle breeze on my face feels purifying. I have been going to the creek daily to find my way through all of this.

I started to place rose quartz crystals in the water to send my thoughts of love and healing out to the world. I know my little creek empties into a bigger creek and the bigger one empties into a river and from there the water moves to the sea. That is how I know my well wishes will travel the entire …

The Corona Virus

When I made my 2020 Predictions in December, two things stood out.
I said that the 4 Universal Year is associated with health and I expected it to be a worse than normal flu season. I also said that sometimes the 4 year creates limitations in our lives where our freedom is restricted in some way. I gave examples like no travel, curfews or even Martial law.

We have watched the corona virus pandemic unfold and now we are aware it is showing up in our communities.

We have also watched China, South Korea and Italy lock down millions of people to prevent the spread of the virus.

I want you to know that this is going to happen in the United States. I want you to be prepared, not caught by surprise.

April is a 4 Calendar Month which intensifies the 4 energy in relationship to health.
The 4 is also responsible for creating limitations and restrictions in our lives. I think we are going to be seeing cities, if not states, throughout the US in quarantine. This may happen in March but the chanc…

2020 Predictions

2020 Predictions First, let’s reflect From the moment we welcomed the year 2000, the energy of the number 2 was introduced. At that time, it was in its infancy, but we are now 20 years into it. I told you back then, that we would undergo a transformation because the 1 energy of the 1900s was going to be slowly replaced by the 2 energy. The 1 represents the individual, is aggressive and it focuses upon itself. The 2 energy represents partnerships, peace and the greater good of all. Eventually, we will arrive at a beautiful destination but, in the process of getting there, the old world must be deconstructed in order to rebuild a better one. That takes time and does not happen immediately. The chaotic world we currently living in reflects the change we are undergoing. In order to live under the vibration of the 2, we must learn to live in peace and harmony. We must align ourselves to the energy of the number 2 because if we do not, we will not survive. Many of you can relate to having …