2019 Predictions

When we entered the year 2000, energetically, we moved into a different vibration. The 2 requires working for the greater good of all which places a strong emphasis on supporting each other, cooperation and finding peaceful resolutions to our problems. The 2 is the Divine Feminine energy which explains the women’s movements and the greater numbers of females being elected to government positions. We are still in the beginning stages of the 2-energy rising to power. Whenever new energy comes in there is resistance by the old because, after all, we are talking about a transfer of power here. In order to get to where the 2 wants us to be, we must deconstruct everything associated with the old energy and rebuild again. In my mind, there is no question we are seeing this with current events as evidenced by the upheaval with our own government and globally. It is not an easy task to remain unemotional when the world seems so chaotic but if you are able to understand that everything happens…

The Political Road Ahead by the Numbers : Karmic Dominoes

Call them predictions if you want but Numerology is accurate.
There is a great deal of discussion about what is going to transpire with Donald Trump, his children and close associates. Numerology can give us a heads-up if we just know where to look.
Any Numerologist worth a grain of salt would be negligent if they did not examine the Numerology Charts of the current Administration and figure out the direction all of this controversy is going.
Looking back at the past and projecting into the future, I am giving you a look at the political road ahead based upon Numerology. I like to call it “Karmic Dominos.” Trust me, you do not want to be on this list.
The Past: On 10/27/2017 Paul Manafort was indicted by a District of Columbia grand jury on multiple charges arising from his consulting work for the pro-Russian government. At the time of his indictment, his Numerology Chart had a configuration called “Duality” which is an indication of a difficult experience in a person’s life. In hi…

The Power of the Letters in Your Name

When you write out your name you probably do not think about the letters but truth is, they are speaking volumes about you. It is fun to discover the hidden secrets of your name and it is easy enough to do. 
Write the name on your Birth Certificate out and using the graph, find out what numbers correspond to the letters in your name.
Now you are able to see just how many of each number you have in your name and can read how that influences you below. 

The Ones
 Letters: A, J, S 
Average Amount in a Name: 3 
Everyone usually has 3 of the letters that equal the number 1 in their name. As a matter of fact, having 3 your name is necessary for you to have a healthy ego. Having 1s help you to stand up for yourself , be independent and to have confidence in your abilities. If you do not have enough 1s in your name, you are more likely to let people walk all over you or remain dependent upon others.
  People with less than 3 struggle with their personal power and on the other hand, people with …

What is Your Mom Like Based Upon Her Numerology?

Time for a little Mother's Day fun. Let's look at the Numerology of your Mother and see how that influenced her approach to Motherhood. We are going to look at her Lifepath Number and if you do not know what her Lifepath Number is, please feel free to visit and use the Lifepath Calculator on the website.

1 Lifepath Mother
A Mom born as a 1 Lifepath will fiercely protect her children so if you get beat up by the neighborhood bully, chances are your Mom is going to kick some ass. Make no mistake, your Mom is a Boss. She has a strong will and you will find going against her wishes is not a pleasant experience. She will encourage you to be strong and independent because those are her strongest talents. Your Mom is a "tough cookie" as they say, but she loves you like a Mother lion loves her cubs.

2 Lifepath Mom
A Mom born as a 2 Lifepath has very feminine qualities and a strong sense of refinement. She is gentle and loving. She also is not one for ar…

Babies By The Numbers

"I came to parenting the way most of us do, knowing nothing and trying to learn everything." --Mayim Bialik
Wouldn't it be great if your child came with instructions? Most parents are "winging it" and raising their children by trial and error but, if you are willing to take a little parental advice from their Numerology, you would know all about their little personalities and what makes them tick in advance. From there, you can take steps to help your child develop their talents and abilities. Here is a little taste of what you can learn from your child's Numerology.

ONE  If your child is a 1, you had better get used to a few temper tantrums. This child likes to get his/her own way. 1s have a need to be independent so as a parent it is best to accept that your child will want to do things for themselves. Your child may not take direction well. It is important to be careful of being critical of your 1 child. Do your best to build their self-esteem because confi…

2018 Premium Numerology Forecasts

1st off, it was exciting to receive so much positive feedback through the year from people who purchased the Premium Forecasts in 2017. I am delighted that you found them to be accurate and useful. I had one lady email me to tell me that everything just fell into place and she moved exactly when her Premium Forecast said she would. I had another person email me to let me know he chose the date for an event by using his Premium Forecast and it turned out to be extremely profitable for him. Nice !~ Keep the feedback coming. 

The Premium Numerology Forecasts for 2018 are available. They have been updated and expanded from last year. 

Premium Monthly Forecasts were written to give you insight regarding career, money, love, relationships and health in the upcoming year.
These printable Premium Forecasts offer you an opportunity to look at  your Monthly Numerology Forecasts, in advance, for the entire year: January 2018-December 2018
Look at the Premium Forecasts your "go to …

2018 Predictions

*Please note the items in red are headlines taken from the news that serve to validate the prediction 

Predictions 2018
2018 is an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11) The Universal Year energy has an influence upon our collective experience. It affects world events. There is no question that over the past two years we have been in tumultuous times. We are in the middle of a major energy shift. When we ushered in the year 2000, we came under the vibration of the Number 2 which requires peaceful coexistence and working for the greater good of all. There is a war going on between good and evil because the self serving vibration of the 1900s does not want to let go. In order to achieve a better world, you have to expose corruption, tear down current institutions and rebuild. The question is “who is going to win that war?” It is near impossible to look at current events from a spiritual perspective but I feel this moment in time was perfectly described a long time ago by Juno Jordan.
Juno Jorda…