Babies By The Numbers

"I came to parenting the way most of us do, knowing nothing and trying to learn everything." --Mayim Bialik

Wouldn't it be great if your child came with instructions?
Most parents are "winging it" and raising their children by trial and error but, if you are willing to take a little parental advice from their Numerology, you would know all about their little personalities and what makes them tick in advance. From there, you can take steps to help your child develop their talents and abilities. Here is a little taste of what you can learn from your child's Numerology.

If your child is a 1, you had better get used to a few temper tantrums. This child likes to get his/her own way. 1s have a need to be independent so as a parent it is best to accept that your child will want to do things for themselves. Your child may not take direction well. It is important to be careful of being critical of your 1 child. Do your best to build their self-esteem because confidence is key to their future success. Your child is an out of the box thinker so be prepared for some unique approaches to problem solving. Give your child opportunities to lead because someday they are going to grow up to oversee something big.

You have a sensitive child and as a parent, you need to take care in providing a peaceful and serene environment for them. If you get emotional, chances are, they will get emotional too.  They must learn to handle their emotions so be prepared to teach them. They are not comfortable with being the center of attention and it is not unusual for them to be shy or bashful. They love to be supportive of others so provide them with many opportunities to express this wonderful quality. You will also have to teach them boundaries because, in the desire to please others, they sometimes neglect their own needs. Your child is a born peacemaker and as they mature you will see this talent unfold. 

You may have already noticed your child's beautiful smile, adorable giggle and how animated they can be. Your child was born with the gift of expression and is very creative. Your child also has an active imagination. Be prepared for a lot of laughter because this child is naturally funny and playful. Give your child plenty of opportunities to be artistic so they can discover where their creative talents lie. Your child could grow up to be anything from an actor to a musician so let them explore. Your precious child is friendly and easy going. You may also discover that they are easily distracted or have a hard time staying focused. You may have to help them to be more organized and to stay on track. Your child is sensitive to criticism so teach them early in life to deal with unkind words from their friends. 

This child thrives in a more structured environment so be prepared to stick to a routine. They are happiest when they know what to expect and will not adapt easy to any sudden changes. They also need security and like to know what the rules are so feel free to set up some guidelines for them. They can be a little stubborn so be prepared. Unlike most children, your 4 child would probably enjoy being assigned little chores to do. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. They are pretty good at organizing things, so you may find they like this type of activity. They also like to build things. They love the outdoors and have a strong connection to Mother Earth so give them plenty of opportunities to spend time in nature. 

This child is a free spirit and is adventurous so my advice to parents is to "buckle up" and get ready for a wild ride. Your child is fearless, has a great deal of energy and will keep you on your toes. They are born communicators and potentially, down the road, could have a career as a writer or work in television, radio or media. Quite frankly, your child is pretty good at everything they do so there really is no career limitations for them but whatever they decide to do, it must be interesting. Your child may try many different hobbies or have a variety of interests as they grow up and you may see a pattern of how they seem to move from one thing to the next. This is quite normal for a 5 child as they learn through their experiences and ultimately, the more experiences the better as far as they are concerned. 

Your 6 child was born with a kind and compassionate heart and is a nurturer. Nothing makes them happier than having someone or something to take care of. They also are very loving and loyal to their family. Family is important to them. They are willing to accept a great deal of responsibility when it comes to doing for others, but you probably are going to have to teach them to find balance with that tendency. Sometimes they can overdo. Your child has some musical talents so encourage them to play a musical instrument or maybe even take singing lessons. They also are quite artistic. 
Your child was born with the ability to see both sides of an issue and may have trouble from time to time deciding what to do for themselves but as a rule, this quality works very well for them when it comes to advising others. They have a strong sense of justice and empathy for others. Do not be surprised if your child always sides with the person or situation who needs the most support. 

Your 7 child is a bit of a dreamer and you may observe them staring off in the distance and wonder what they are thinking. One thing is for sure, they are always thinking. Your child more than likely has above average intelligence. They may have an aptitude for math or science but getting a good education is important for them to make use of their talents. Be sure to offer them plenty of books to read or activities that allow them to expand their knowledge. You may be surprised at the questions your child asks you because they do have a "need to know."  You may worry that your child seems to spend  hours in their bedroom by themselves. This is perfectly normal for a 7. They need their space. They also require more sleep than the average child and it is necessary for their well-being. 

You probably may not realize quite yet that you have given birth to a future CEO, but your child has a destiny that involves money, power and success.  In fact, you have a little over-achiever there. They can be a handful because after all, they are here to master their own personal power and being bossy is part of that process. Your child also has boundless energy so be prepared to keep up. 
It probably would be a good idea to find activities that teach them about making money, how to save it and how to be generous with it. Another valuable lesson to teach them is about being ethical and having integrity with everything they do. Having those qualities are extremely important to their future success. Encourage them to set goals and praise them when they accomplish their goal. This will set them up for a life where they can achieve a great deal of success. One more thing, for this child, appearances do matter, so be prepared to spend a lot of money on their cute little wardrobe. 

Your child will grow up to be quite charismatic and do not be surprised if they aspire to change the world. They certainly have that potential. Your child also has a very compassionate heart and a desire to help those in need so allow them to find ways to express this admirable quality.  At the same time, teach them not to be taken advantage of. Your child has an abundance of artistic talent so give them opportunities to discover where that talent lies. 
A 9 ultimately must learn to live in the moment, not to hang on to the past and to let go of emotional baggage. You can help them grasp this concept early in life by setting an example for them and helping them work through their emotions when they must let go of something or someone in their life. 

 How to find your child's Lifepath Number:
Using their Date of Birth , add Month+Day+Year
If your child was born on a double digit day, reduce to a single digit. Example: if your child was born on the 24th add 2+4=6. Use 6 is the Day Number. If your child was born on the 11th or the 22nd or the 29th (2+9=11), write in that number and do not reduce to a single digit. Master Numbers 11 and 22 are not reduced. 
Add the year your child was born across and reduce to a single digit if necessary. 
Example: 1998  1+9+9+8=27 

When you have the Month, Day and Year numbers, add them across and reduce to a single digit if necessary. 

Sample Birthdate: Born 7/23/2008 
Month 7  
Day 2+3=5 
Year 2+0+0+8=10   1+0=1 
7+5+1=13  1=3=4 
4 Lifepath 



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