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It is Comey Day: Let the Karmic Reckoning Begin

While sitting in the beautician’s chair discussing the Presidential election back in September 2016 with my husband and longtime friend and hairdresser Ann, I found myself actually uttering the words “President Trump.”  Both my husband and Ann looked at me with disbelief because they understood my feelings on Trump and knew I did not believe for one second that he would win.  They both said “I can not believe you just said that !” and I responded “Neither can I.” I had never referred to him using that title and in fact, was shocked that those words had just come out of my mouth.  It was an eerie moment but one I should have recognized to be a psychic premonition.  I was duly warned.
Still , as a Numerologist, when I looked at the date of the election itself, I saw such Karmic numbers for Donald Trump that I was positive he would not win. He was in a 4 Personal Month and the election was being held on the 8th. The combination of the 4 and the 8 is not a good thing when it comes to Kar…