Lessons From the Creek

We all are facing isolation during this world crisis. How we cope with it is another matter.
I have been painfully aware of the Corona Virus since late December and have been watching its progress as it, slowly but surely, upended our world as we know it. Eventually, I just broke down in the sadness of it all and had a hard time regaining my footing. That is when I started to go to the creek.

There is something about the sound of water, as it trickles across the rocks that make up the creek bed, that is comforting.  The rays of sunshine that touch my skin and the brush of a gentle breeze on my face feels purifying. I have been going to the creek daily to find my way through all of this.

I started to place rose quartz crystals in the water to send my thoughts of love and healing out to the world. I know my little creek empties into a bigger creek and the bigger one empties into a river and from there the water moves to the sea. That is how I know my well wishes will travel the entire planet. I have been praying for your health and happiness.

I have been taking off my shoes and placing my feet on the bare ground and connecting with Mother Earth. I close my eyes and meditate. I have been asking what I can do to help my fellow man and the Mother Nature assured me that I am already doing it.
I see many days of tossed crystals and prayers ahead.

Yesterday I asked, " Am I going to make it?" and I heard a voice clearly say "You will live to die another day."
And that was profound.
It was freeing in fact. I know am going to die at one point or another.
I was not scared before Corona Virus and I should not be scared now.
Nothing has changed really when you put it in that perspective.

I think my visits to the creek have reminded me to live my life with intention, to celebrate each and every moment and not to live in fear. I know with 100% certainty that what awaits us upon dying is far more beautiful than living itself.

This has been my journey and I share it with you in hopes that you find some comfort.
I think it is important we all reach out to each other in the understanding that this is an extremely stressful time for us all. By sharing how we cope, perhaps we can give another person some useful advice.

I know the chances of your having your own personal creek is pretty slim but I hope you spend as much time as you can in Mother Nature and allow her to comfort you.
In the meantime, I will be down at the creek praying for you and your families.


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